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Starting small, we aim to produce work that punches above its weight.

Our mission is to bring out books that are provocative, original and inspirational. We want to present and represent the un- and under-represented, the outsider; and to enable and encourage new and diverse voices, especially voices that are gay, queer, black and of colour; to put out work that is transformative, and that celebrates difference and diversity and the maverick spirit.

Our newest titles are Nnanna Ikpo's Fimí sílẹ̀ Forever, a gripping novel of gay life in Nigeria today, and Rikki's all-trans Summer in London playtext.

For all our books, click on the titles to see more details about the books and their authors, including reviews, links to interviews and author readings. Click 'buy book' to buy, or, if you're in town, why not visit our friends at Gay's The Word independent bookshop at 66 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB.

Summer in London

Could you find love in London on zero budget?

Join four cheeky lads as they compete to win the heart of a beautiful woman called Summer on four free dates across London. Though secretly homeless – and broke – they use every trick in the book to find cost-free ways to impress her.

We follow the streetwise romeos on boat rides, to museums, parks and firework displays as they try to win their date. As the sun sets and the drinks flow things get complicated, and we discover nothing is as it first appears.

This hilarious new romcom is about friendship, finding love and being yourself. World-premiered at the legendary Theatre Royal Stratford East in July 2017,  Summer in London was written and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair with an all trans cast and an original new soundtrack.This edition includes full cast and crew biogs, and an introductory essay by Rikki discussing his casting and writing methods.

Fimí sílẹ̀ Forever

Olawale and Oluwole are dreadlocked Yoruba lawyers, minority human rights activists fighting for a better Nigeria. Bisexual and closeted, Olawale has spent his adult life protecting and defending his charismatic, more evidently homosexual twin; but when the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act becomes law, they, their family, and the women who love them are caught in a savage spotlight that threatens to wreck all their lives. In the midst of this Wole and Wale must deal with an estranged convict father whose unexpected reappearance brings dark and troubling family secrets to light.

Fimí sílẹ̀ Forever celebrates the enduring power of love, desire, faith, patriotism and human rights struggle in the face of political oppression and religious prejudice in Nigeria today. It extends the literary conversation begun by Jude Dibia and continued by Chinelo Okparanta.

More Than!

We asked the students of Stoke Newington School to discuss, workshop and explore sexuality identity issues by asking them to look 'beyond the label' of LGBTQ people. What are labels? Why are we given them? What do they do? How can they harm or protect us? It soon became apparent that this raised broader issues with some of our young people, such as: how it feels to be Muslim in the current political climate; why does a disability instantly dictate who people think you are? - and how it feels to be a 'geek'. The response we had from our students was overwhelming... .

Yemi & Femi's Fun Night Out

An up-to-the-minute free 42pp graphic novella. Yemi and Femi, best friends since time, gay youths on the London urban club scene, along with Femi's  new boyfriend Mixtape, get caught up in an HIV panic following an incident of unsafe sex at in a nightclub toilet. In pursuit of the PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) they explore love, lust, gay marriage and challenges around HIV...


Welcome to the world of Dominique, a glamorous transsexual hooker in the throws of an emotional meltdown, caught between a rock and a hard face, juggling a stalker client with a crush and her cute, chavved out, drugged up boyf who hasn't got out of the bath for a week. Shocking, sexy and sometimes sweet, this is a rollercoaster ride you'll never forget. - a play by Alexis Gregory, premiering at London's legendary Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Tiny Pieces of Skull 

Lambda Literary Award-winning. In the 1980s, poet and activist Roz Kaveney wrote a novel, Tiny Pieces of Skull, about trans street life and bar life in London and Chicago in the late 1970s. Much admired in manuscript by writers from Kathy Acker to Neil Gaiman, it has never seen print until now... Funny and terrifying by turns, and full of glimpses of other lives, it is the story of how beautiful Natasha persuades clever Annabelle to run away from her life and have adventures, more adventures than either of them quite meant her to have...

Black & Gay in the UK

  • Edited by John R Gordon & Rikki Beadle-Blair
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Our ground-breaking anthology of biography, poetry, stories, plays and think-pieces about the lives of black gay men in the UK. Click on the title for a full listing of contributors.


The gripping Lambda Literary Award-nominated tale of a gay African former child soldier and his struggle to find freedom and love on the harsh streets of South London.

Fairytales for Lost Children 

Winner of the 2014 Polari Best First Book award, a radical new gay Somali voice. This collection of LGBT short stories, set as far afield as Peckham and Mogadishu and told in a mash-up of poetry and street-slang, is charmingly illustrated by the author, a talented artist in his own right.

Colour Scheme 

An intense, passionate novel of interracial desire and Afrocentric angst, jazz, art, Vodou and dance by NAACP Image Award Nominee John R Gordon.

Reasons to Live 

More life-lessons from the on-line diary of a human dynamo.

What I Learned Today 

365 life-lessons from the on-line diary of writer, director and performer Rikki Beadle-Blair. Honest. Clear. Loving. Powerful. Poetic. Practical. Inspiring.


A thrilling, hard-edged urban novel of gay Jamaican life in gangsta London by NAACP Image Award Nominee John R Gordon.

Several of Rikki's plays , including Bashment, FIT, Familyman and Shalom Baby are also available from our friends over at legendary publishers Oberon Books.

FIT - Screen/Stageplay

In one volume - both the screenplay and the stageplay of the groundbreaking FIT project. Also with teaching notes.


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