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Gemma Van Praagh-More Than! Anthology

More Than book - Team Angelica

More Than! was created to inspire children to engage in a piece of extended writing outside of the everyday requirements of their school work. We asked the students of Stoke Newington School, London, to discuss, workshop and explore sexuality identity issues by asking them to look 'beyond the label' of LGBTQ people. What are labels? Why are we given them? What do they do? How can they harm or protect us? It soon became apparent that this raised broader issues with some of our young people, such as: how it feels to be Muslim in the current political climate; why does a disability instantly dictate who people think you are? - and how it feels to be a 'geek'.

The response we had from our students was overwhelming, with over 800 children submitting poems, scripts, songs, interviews, articles and other forms of insightful, eloquent and inspiring pieces of writing. Then, thanks to the kind efforts of many teachers, parents, governors and local members of our community the entries were read, marked and sorted into categories. We then selected approximately 70 students to take part in a development workshop-day lead by a fantastic team of artists, playwrights, journalists, actors, directors and writers. This day was remarkable to watch: students working alongside professionals to develop their work further, exploring form and potential final presentation of their piece.

Edited by Gemma Van Praagh, John R Gordon and Rikki Beadle-Blair, this anthology includes pieces by: Anisa Khatun, Ayse Atun, Baran Kayman, Basak Altundal Bektas, Berry Coleman, Cassius Burley, Ceren Bektas, Ciar Wild, Connie Lammiman, Daniel-James Straughan, Deniz Aydin, Eddie Smith, Edith Wright, Elizabeth Fasulu, Faezah Manga, Fletcher Adams, Flora Kessell, Gabriel Devlin, Gunay Aksoy, Hallelujah Tedja, Hannah Finke, Hannah Ffychte, Jacob Fisher, Joe Halsey, Joel Cooper, Joshua Clark, Kate Hyatt, Leila Edelzstein, Lila Moar, Lily Crook, Lily McKay, Lorna Beckett, Louis Brine, Louis Powell, Lyra Robinson-Winning, Mack Quicke, Maliq Mussai-Mitchell, Marilyn Ferizaj, Martha Jack, Maya Isidore-Coyne, Mia Truman, Milly Mason, Minnie Court, Orla Newnham, Rachel Finke, Razana Djerkallis, Redrei Visaya, Rinesa Neziri, Rione Nurse, Sam Simmons, Servican Yeter, Shay Snipe Gayle, Skye Fitzgerald, Sophia Rivera Ramirez, Spike Sharkey, Stella Mathias-Stanley, Tamar Singer, Thomas O'Shea, Zoe Edwards.

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