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Natasha Brown - I AM [NOT] KANYE WEST

Natasha Brown - I Am (Not) Kanye West Team Angelica

Tash is a simple girl. Except she’s not. She’s Black. She’s a woman. She’s Queer. And in the world of university and 'identity politics', that’s anything but simple. It’s powerful. When it’s time for student elections, Tash ticks all the boxes to take her to the top... apart from one - she's not that great at speaking her mind. Luckily, there's a controversial rapper who knows all about that. I AM [NOT] KANYE WEST is a hilarious and provocative solo show that asks how much of ourselves are we willing to lose in order to win. I AM [NOT] KANYE WEST was performed by the playwright, Natasha Brown, at The Bunker Theatre, 2nd – 7th March 2020, as part of the Power x Resistance Takeover.

This is the full text of the play, and includes production credits and key participant biographies.

'I laughed so hard, I should have left even more exhausted, but instead I was revitalised. This is such a vibrant, powerful, and hilarious one-woman show.... a biting satire of politics, and how so called “progressive” bodies and organisations only seem to care about their own narrow issues... I cannot recommend this show highly enough... an absolute masterclass performance by Natasha Brown.' - View from the Outside.

You can buy this text via the following outlets:

Do check out this insightful interview between Natasha Brown and director Abigail Sewell:


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