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John R. Gordon - Colour Scheme

John R Gordon Colour Scheme Team Angelica

A novel of gay bohemian interracial romance set over one sweaty summer following a night of shocking violence in a post-9/11 London of vinyl records, video-cassettes and mix-tapes, seething with passion and oil-paint, music and dance.

Meet bebop-cool Malcolm, wigger rudeboy Luke, Jamaican choreographer George and schizophrenic African artist Ziggy, seekers for love, on the run from buried truths that by the summer's end they all must face.

Murder, bereavement, Vodou, twins and madness: new love on the rack. Will it - will they, survive?

'Gordon is a novelist working at the height of his creative capabilities.'

- The Financial Times

'An interracial love story set in urban London that’s full of unforgettable characters.'

- Year of the Scandal

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You can watch this fascinating interview with John R. Gordon, styled and co-produced by Diriye Osman with Isabel Gordon.


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