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John R. Gordon - Yemi & Femi Go Windrush

Yemi and Femi Team Angelica

Team Angelica staged a takeover within Tom ‘Wreckage’ Ratcliffe’s queer Platform takeover at the legendary indie King’s Head Theatre 9th-11th May 2023, presenting four new plays, all directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair.

Yemi & Femi Go Windrush by John R. Gordon: Black queer West London teens Yemi and Femi buy a time-machine off eBay and are transported back to 1958 just in time to encounter Oliver and Tyrone, two Caribbean men recently arrived in London as migrants, who are being pursued by white racist thugs. Oliver and Tyrone are secret lovers, and Yemi and Femi's eyes are opened to gay lives in past times, as well as to diverse Black and diasporic histories and British racism across the decades. Attempting to fight off their attackers, and escaping the rioters using the time machine as the house is firebombed, Yemi and Femi assume Oliver and Tyrone died that night, but we learn they survived, and in their old age become enigmatically re-involved with the youngsters as a consequence of the Windrush scandal.

Cast: Yemi: Dior Clarke; Femi: Mimi Chanel; Tyrone: Nathan Clough; Oliver: J D Hunt; Patrick/Tony/Policeman: Daniel Rainford; Paul/Westfield Customer/Policeman: Will Kerr.

John R. Gordon Yemi and Femi Team Angelica
Dior Clarke and Mimi Chanel during rehearsals.

Yemi and Femi John R. Gordon Team Angelica
Nathan Clough and JD Hunt during rehearsals.


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