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Cameron Raasdal Munro - Gangsta Baby

Gangsta Baby Team Angelica

Team Angelica staged a takeover within Tom ‘Wreckage’ Ratcliffe’s queer Platform takeover at the legendary indie King’s Head Theatre 9th-11th May 2023, presenting four new plays, all directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair.

Gangsta Baby by Cameron Raasdal Munro: Hastings, for rent boy Junior and his trans half-bro Pete, is home. A quiet working class town in Sussex, with the odd street brawl or two, where the views are epic but water is brown. People are resilient and ambitious, but opportunity or anything to do is far away. Then Junior’s dad pops back up out of the blue. Where has he been? Why does he want his son back? Why now? Gangster Baby is a dive into the world of sex work, drugs, internalised homophobia, betrayal & desperate need for love in the criminal classes.

Cast: Cameron Rassdal Munro; Paula Brett; Kevin Ryan; Mark Brent

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