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Scooters, Shooters & Shottas (Audio Play)

Scooters, Shooters & Shottas - John R. Gordon Team Angelica

Platforming untold stories of Black queer lives, Team Angelica / The Art Machine are excited to be launching their fresh new audio drama Scooters, Shooters and Shottas: a Curious Tale. Set on a rough council estate in South London, it follows the rowdy antics of Black queer outsiders Kola, Ranksy and Bunni Boi, who dream of breaking big as grime artists. The drama explores violence, masculinity and homophobia, the struggle to pursue creative endeavours, and the socio-economic challenges faced by the Black queer community in London. In a Sex Education meets Top Boy style, it gives a voice to the underrepresented, and fosters discussions about issues faced by the Black LGBTQ+ community.

Supported by Arts Council England


Writer / co-creator: John R. Gordon

Director: Rikki Beadle-Blair.

Producer/co-creator: Urban Wolf

Sound Designer: Kayode Gomez


Kola—Urbain Hayo

Ranksy—Dior Clarke

Bunni Boi—Curtis Lewis

Bigbone / Screw Loose—Romaine Myers

Dunbar—Tristan Jones-Smith

Miz Saltfish / Girl At Party—Jahmila Heath

Hosted on Acast

You can listen to this podcast via the following platforms:

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