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Ashley Byam - Cuffed

Cuffed Team Angelica

Team Angelica staged a takeover within Tom ‘Wreckage’ Ratcliffe’s queer Platform takeover at the legendary indie King’s Head Theatre 9th-11th May 2023, presenting four new plays, all directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair.

How do you show and receive love when you have no guide as a Black man, let alone a Black gay roadman? Aidyn and Kairo have something that works for them, and it's strong. But then events at a party test that strength and change the course of their relationship. In his debut play, Ashley Byam explores what it means to have the perfect relationship and what we do when things start to go wrong; what parts of ourselves are we willing to sacrifice to attain the perfect "rom-com" ending?


AIDYN - Joshua John

KAIRO - Hayden Mampasi


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