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Whatever your intended career path or whatever your obstacles, this fast, friendly inspirational workshop with Rikki Beadle-Blair will equip you with all the rocket-fuel you need to seize your career and catapult you back on track. It's time!!


£40 .



Team Angelica - Filming

Current and Upcoming...

Writing workshops -  Angelic Tales cycle 3 currently in table-reads; cycle 4 (for Feb 1st 2016) not yet open for submissions: watch this space

Writing workshops - Angelic Tales cycle 3 currently in table-reads; cycle 4 (for Feb 1st 2016) not yet open for submissions: watch this space


For Team Angelica and Theatre Royal Stratford East's upcoming new writing festival Rikki Beadle-Blair & John Gordon are looking for exciting, original stage-plays with a running time of around an hour or less (an hour is 60 pages in screenplay format; 45 pages in traditional play format). We're open to any style, setting or genre. The purpose of Angelic Tales is for us to work closely with our writers to develop their plays - first through written feedback for all submissions. Then through table-readings with professional actors for those scripts that get through to the second round, and fully staged-readings for the final selection of plays.

We don't expect scripts to necessarily be polished or highly resolved - the point is for us to go on a journey with you - but we do ask that what you send us, however rough and ready, is at least a complete first draft.

If you would like to send us a play, please send it to both Rikki and John - and - and please follow these guidelines:

* Send your play in a common format: doc, docx, rtf, pdf.
* Please name your attachment '[nameofplay] by [nameofwriter]' eg 'Hamlet_by_WilliamShakespeare.docx'.
* Please put in the subject line of the email 'submission for Angelic Tales 3' or 'submission for new writing festival'.
* Within the document of the play itself please:

  • Put the play's title and your name and contact details on the front page.
  • Insert page numbers.
  • Insert a header saying '[name of play] by [name of writer]' on all pages.
  • On the first page include a character list, naming each character and giving a brief description, eg, 'Bola, around 40 years old, studious manner, British-born Nigerian, Birmingham accent.'
  • On the first page include a brief description of the setting, eg 'Dalston Market, present day. A run-down social housing flat.'

Exclusions: we can't consider plays that have already been performed or extensively developed with other people, or plays that are being developed with anyone else now, as that's not fair on them.

Writing Seminars

Writing Seminars

Watch this space for more free script seminars and short witing courses at Theatre Royal Stratford East!