Team Angelica has staged theatre productions in London and all over the UK.

We have have staged 18 new plays by Rikki over the last decade, but we are proudest of our yearly ANGELIC TALES NEW WRITING FESTIVAL at Theatre Royal Stratord East. This is a nine month mentoring process, developing and presenting exciting new plays by emerging and/or first-time playwrights.  Several of these plays have gone on into full production.

Theatre production of FIT

Legendary Children

Legendary Children in the House of Fierce

Legendary Children in the House of Fierce

...a passionate new play written & directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair, set in the world of homeless black gay New York.

Shakespeare's timeless themes of disguise and hiding are sampled and re-mixed in a glittering mash-up of 21st century queer subcultures, dating, fast sex, selfies, party drugs, recovery, romantic longing, hip-hop, house music and electro, street poetry, fashion, politics and dance, dance, dance. The result is dynamic - funny, sexy, startling, sometimes shocking. It all here, tragedy, comedy and history accompanied by 21st Century sonnets. 
Love will rock da house... 

The House of Fabulous... and Fierce. At the Old Vic Workrooms, Drummond Street, London, SE16 4EE

Saturday - 11/03/2017 (20:00)
Sunday - 12/03/2017 (14:00)
Sunday - 12/03/2017 (20:00)


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slap immersive!   The latest version of Alexis Gregory's debut masterpiece

slap immersive! The latest version of Alexis Gregory's debut masterpiece

On February 20, 21, 22nd 2014 there were five sell-out performances of this stunning new drama at Theatre Royal Stratford East.

The intrepid and trepidatious audience were led through the theatre's back door under a flickering neon sign into the boudoir of transsexual 'courtesan' Dominique and the eye of her personal storm. Sleazy neon glowed suggestively beyond a ceiling tented in both sensually and claustrophobically by tethered bolts of muslin. Bold or foolhardy theatre-goers found themselves sitting on stools in the bathroom alongside the increasingly-manic characters, on pouffes flanking the detritus-strewn bed, or even centre-stage on the sagging leather sofa as the madness played out around and occasionally on top of them.

Performed by Alexis Gregory, Andrew Piper, Frankie Fitzgerald. Directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair.