by John R Gordon

Nominated for a Lambda Literary Award, Souljah is the searing sixth new novel from the author of Faggamuffin and Colour Scheme.

When violent thug Evill and his drug-dealing South London crew menace Stanlake, a young African refugee, and his mother Poppy, little do they realize that this effeminate youth is a former child soldier, capable of the most extreme responses. Forced to meet violence with violence, Stanlake stands up to his tormentors, only to find himself drawn into a darkly erotic and passionate relationship with the damaged, closetted Evill. As love begins to bloom between the two deeply-scarred young men old evil erupts, threatening to consume them both and compelling Stanlake to face – and move beyond – his past.

“A breathless, cinematic thrill-ride of a novel… Sweeps you up and envelops you in its  unique world… this is what novels are for. Stunning.” – Rikki Beadle-Blair

Souljah is a gripping, disturbing tale of love and war, religious bigotry and gay defiance, of battling against the odds, and the power of the human heart to overcome the worst of terrors.


"...this is a story that deserves everyone's attention. Souljah is truly breathtaking, in scale, and in ambition. I cried like a baby at times, and as events rapidly escalated in the novel's final act, I just couldn't put it down. I had to know how Stanlake and Evill's story ended. You will too. Be a soldier for the good guys: go out and buy Souljah. You won't be disappointed,." -

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"...a novel that defies categorization. It's a mashup of the immigrant saga, a chilling gangster thriller, a state-of-the-nation novel, a coming-of-age story and an intimate family portrait with a harrowing war crime at its heart. The fact that Gordon never once drops the ball makes Souljah a sprawling, visually arresting masterpiece." - The Huffington Post

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Fagammuffin by John R Gordon