A thrilling, hard-edged urban novel of gay Jamaican life in gangsta London by NAACP Image Award Nominee John R Gordon.

"Foreign... me haffi go a foreign..." Outed and driven from his homeland by a murderous mob, gay Jamaican Cutty Munroe arrives in London penniless and desperate. At first he is relieved to be given shelter by Buju Staples, a petty crook on the White City Estate, and his girlfriend Cynthia, but Cynthia soon wants to be rid of this 'wasteman' crashing on her man's sofa. Cutty, however, has nowhere else to go. Traumatised and lonely, Cutty falls in love with Buju, and starts to believe that Buju might share his feelings. One night while out on the rob Cutty makes a move on his spar. And then his troubles really begin...


'An engaging and enjoyable read.'

- Qx magazine

'Terrifying stuff, and very near to the bone given the current continued rise of homophobic murders in the Caribbean, Africa and beyond.'

- jon-doloresdelargo.blogspot


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Fagammuffin by John R Gordon