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An entertainment company with spirit and soul. Making work that makes us laugh and think and wonder.

All sexes, sexualities, races, ages, classes, shapes, sizes, nationalities, ablliities, disabilities, backgrounds, religions, creeds and political leanings are welcome.

Create. Perform. Partipate. Observe. Admire. Inspire. Exchange. Teach. Learn. Respect. Bring your passion to the table and share the feast. Together we will change the world. Peace. Entertainment for right here, right now. Art for life. The revolution starts here!

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Key members

Rikki Beadle-Blair — Creative Director

Rikki Beadle-Blair — Creative Director

Born and raised by his lesbian mother in South East London, Rikki learned to read at the age of three and wrote his first play aged seven, moving on to direction at the age of 11. He attended the experimental Bermondsey Lampost Free School, where he could study any subject he liked and focused on theatre and film making.

Named several years running on the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List as one the 100 most influential gay people in Britain, Rikki has a life-long commitment to creating challenging, transformative entertainment in the mediums of film, theatre, music, television, radio, dance and design. He created the production company "Team Angelica" to pursue these goals and share opportunities with performers, artists and practitioners from the widest possible range of backgrounds.

Rikki wrote Stonewall for BBC Films. Directed by Nigel Finch, Stonewall went on to win the audience awards at the London Film Festival and the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay film Festival as well as an award for Rikki at Outfest LA for Outstanding Screenwriting.

Among other television projects, Rikki wrote, directed and featured in the internationally successful Channel 4 series "Metrosexuality", also composing the soundtrack. 

His radio documentary, "The Roots of Homophobia" was awarded the Sony Award for Best Documentary Feature.

He was a writer and the executive story editor for the US tv series, "Noah's Arc", and was supervising director of debut films with first-time gay filmmakers as a director for the "Out in Africa" organization in South Africa.

Recently Rikki directed The short film "Souljah" by John Gordon, about a transgendered former child soldier, which won Best Film at the Rushes London Short Film Festival.

Rikki works extensively in theatre — creating 18 new plays in the last six years, including "Bashment", "Familyman", "TwothousandandSex" the stage version of "Stonewall" and most recently, "Shalom Baby" about a black man and Jewish girl who fall in love in Nazi Germany and are deported to a concentration camp.

In the last three years, Rikki has directed three successful feature films for his company Team Angelica: "Fit" about teenage sexuality and homophobic bullying which was distributed to every school in the UK and has become a phenomenon with screenings world-wide and "KickOff" a comedy about a football match between a gay and straight football team; along with several more short films, including "Gently", "7 Dials", "Thrive", "Alive", and "Butterfly" commissioned by the Royal Albert Hall

Rikki is currently working on his next Feature film "Taken In". A thriller set in the world of homeless youth.

Rikki is also a committed mentor, regularly teaching his ‘In the Room’ career alignment course and one on one ‘Career clinic’.

His self-help book "What I Learned Today" is available now through Team Angelica Books.

Carleen Beadle — Film Producer

Carleen Beadle — Film Producer

Carleen has been in the TV & Film business for a long as she can remember.  She attended the prestigious Anna Scher’s Children’s Theatre from the age of 10 where she appeared in various Plays, TV shows and Films.

Although acting was her first love, Carleen was astute enough to realise that acting is a tough business to be in and so she needed to learn another craft to help support her.  So she studied Accountancy at University and trained to become a Production Accountant working on various Documentaries, Entertainment shows and TV and Film Dramas.

In recent years she moved into Line Producing, Production Management and Producing. Since joining Team Angelica, her first short film as Producer Souljah has won best film at the Soho Rushes Film Festival. Carleen has been a producer on almost every Team Angelica short film and all three feature films.

John R Gordon — Team Angelica Publishing

John R Gordon — Team Angelica Publishing

John R Gordon is a long-time collaborator with Rikki, and is a novelist, screenwriter, playwright, artist and publisher with a particular interest in the black gay experience. Together and separately he and Rikki have advised, encouraged and mentored writers from a diverse range of backgrounds, most recently showcasing new plays at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in the Angelic Tales season, and the Bush theatre (two Boom! five-minute play events) and previously at the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End in the New Voices season.

John is the author of the novels Black Butterflies (GMP 1996), Skin Deep (GMP 1998), Warriors & Outlaws (GMP 2001), Faggamuffin (Team Angelica Publishing 2012), Colour Scheme (Team Angelica Publishing 2013) and Souljah (Team Angelica Publishing, 2014), which has been nominated for a Lambda Best Novel award; and he co-edited the 2014 Team Angelica anthology, Black & Gay in the UK. He is the recipient of a New London Writers’ Award (1997), and his work has been taught in the States on graduate and post-graduate courses in Literature, Race and Sexuality. In 1997 he wrote from taped interviews he conducted the autobiography of black gay porn star Bobby Blake, My Life in Porn (Perseus, 2008). He script-edited and wrote for the world’s first black gay TV show, Noah’s Arc, and his script for the spin-off film, Jumping the Broom (2010) was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. His short film Souljah (2007), directed by Rikki, won the Soho Rushes Best Film award. His short play, Yemi and Femi Go Da Chemist premiered at the Bush Theatre in 2014, and his graphic novella, aimed at black gay youth as a free giveaway, Yemi & Femi's Fun Night Out, was published in 2015.

John also does art design on many of Rikki’s films and plays. He contributes writing and art to Scarf, the journal of Afropolitan funk.

"We're a very small company," he notes, "so we’re not yet able to consider unsolicited submissions. But we hope to take on more new work and writers in the coming years. We aim to do work that is radical, challenging and transformative in spirit."

Find short stories, art, reflections on writing novels, plays and screenplays by John here.

John R Gordon — Team Angelica Publishing

Collin Clay Chace - Team Angelica Music

Collin Clay Chace is a singer-songwriter and emcee who, as the frontman for Juha, helped pioneer the queer hip hop ('homo hop') movement. His Polari album – fusing elements of Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, and punk music over a hip hop back-drop - hit #1 on the Outvoice chart, and since releasing the Grooms of God and Stomach albums, he’s transmutated hip hop into gothic soul, swamp disco, and voodoo rock.  He was recently chosen as one of the “8 Rappers Worth Your Headphones” by Colorlines Magazine. 

As a solo theatre/"multiple-personality performer", he was awarded a Fellowship from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts for I, Dolores, Lost Member of the Jackson Family: the shocking story of Michael and Janet’s long-lost HIV+ sisteralso receiving grants from the Horizons and Threshold Foundations.  His mental health comedy The Rock N Wrestle Roadshow debuted at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, toured the USA, and was most recently presented by the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival. He facilitates music workshops at the arts/music mental health charity Core Arts, and produces a regular Open Mic night in Hackney geared towards promoting musicians who experience ongoing mental health issues.

His cover of Nina Simone’s “Be My Husband” is a rewrite for the age of marriage equality, and his current single, “Bloodstains and a Crow", addresses the current epidemic of youth suicides.

Born in the USA, he’s now an East End London boy.