Black and Gay in the UK

TEAM ANGELICA PUBLISHING is bringing together exciting new voices for its ground-breaking anthology Black and Gay in the UK, out now.


We've created a volume that provides a snapshot of the rich variety of black gay men’s experiences in the UK today, primarily as seen by black gay men themselves, but not excluding narratives and perceptions from non-gay family members and non-black partners and allies; something in part in dialogue with those ground-breaking 80s African-American gay anthologies, Brother to Brother and In The Life, but that disrupts monolithic assumptions and speaks determinedly to a British and contemporary setting.

Is a volume celebrating in print the challenges and triumphs of black gay men in the UK needed in 2014? We think so. Whatever social progress there has been, black gay men still rarely see work of any sort that puts their lives and experiences centre-stage, and we hope this anthology will do so, and that this book will become some sort of resource.

We’ve gathered together stories, poems, (auto)biographical writings and think-pieces about black gay experiences in the UK. We're including the young and less formally-expressed alongside the elders; the insights of those more recently-arrived alongside those born and raised here; and the wisdom of those who are already known alongside that of the Future Legends.

We're excited to be presenting contributions from Ade Adeniji, Jimmy Akingbola, Travis Alabanza, Bisi Alimi, Dean Atta, Dr. Rob Berkeley, Rikki Beadle-Blair, Topher Campbell, Donovan C. Carey, Daniel Fry, John R. Gordon, Keith Jarrett, Leee John, Adam Lowe, Reverend Rowland Jide Macaulay, David McAlmont, Paul J. Medford,  Donovan 'Baz' Morris, Tonderai Munyevu, Edd Muruako, Cyril Nri, Leo Ofori, Anu Olu, Diriye Osman, Salawu Owujide, P. J. Samuels, Rogue Scott, Mickel Smithen, Robert Taylor, Giles Terera, Cheikh Traore, Z. Jai Walsh, D'relle Wickham, Geoffrey Williams, Rhys Wright and more.

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  • great blog review of the launch event at Waterstones Piccadilly, including video footage, here


Fagammuffin by John R Gordon anthology writers launch photo Twenty-three of our wonderful and talented authors pose at the launch party at Waterstones Piccadilly 20th October, 2014. Front row, l-r: John R Gordon, Dean Atta, Donovan Morris, David McAlmont, Rikki Beadle-Blair, Cyril Nri, Geoffrey Williams, Topher Campbell. Back row, l-r: Keith Jarrett, Robert Berkeley, P J Samuels, Mickel Smithen, Ade Adeniji, Robert Taylor, Rhys Wright, Travis Alabanza, Rogue Scott, Bisi Alimi, Edd Muruako, Tonderai Munyevu, D’relle Wickham Khan, Anu Olu, Jide Macaulay