JJ is an aspiring MC exploding onto London's exciting outlaw urban music scene. He's got the skills, he's got the rhymes, and he's got the drive. But there's a problem — not only is JJ a white boy from the sticks — he's also gay. And gay — in the world of hip-hop and ragga — ain't good.

So when JJ resolves to come onstage at the Urban Slam Finals, taking his boyfriend Orlando with him, he knows it's going to get a bit grimy... but when the couple falls foul of the Infamous ghetto-rap crew, the Ilford Illmanics and Orlando is beaten into a state of permanent brain-damage, all of their lives are changed forever in a way no one could have ever foreseen.


Based on the original Theatre Royal Stratford East production, the movie stars Arnie Hewitt, Donovan C. Cary, Duncan MacInnes, Duran Brown, Gary Beadle, Jason Steed, Jennifer Daley, Joel Dommett, Ludvig Bonin, Marcus Kai, Margaret Tully, Michael Lindall, Nathan Clough, Toby Wharton, Vincent Jerome... Produced by Carleen Beadle, Dee-Dee Samuels and Rikki Beadle-Blair. Shot by Ian Howes, edited by the mighty Ed Swabey. Sound by Jake Whitelee. Make-up and hair designed by Allison Edwards.

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Bashment Trailer "There Comes A Time" Bashment — JJ an aspiring MC "In the eyes of the music, we are all Africans!" Bashment — Orlando "I love... him." Bashment — Scene 1 "Walk away, blood... I'm begging you!" Bashment — Scene 2 "We're going to Hell, innit, man? ...We're already there."